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Join The Riot

Join the Riot is a music band from Stockholm. Together we created a customized concept, resulting in a surfboard. We applied a motive covering the whole front side and their logotype on the back side. The same design was then also applied on a real surfboard.

Join the riot


Tieto is a multinational company. Memoria delivered creditcard shaped USB-flash drives, see model CC607 and printed an interesting fully covered motif on both sides


Nordic Medicom

Nordic Medicom AB chose to put their logotype on the USB-flash drive Oval, and the results were very pleasing.

Nordic Medicom


With Dentonas red logo we recommended the USB-flash drive, Metal stand 2, and it turned out really good.



The multinational company Alstom chose to put their logotype on an elegant USB-flash drive, MetalStand 2, in aluminum.



Luxfer chose the USB-flash drive blend , in red color with a smooth rubber surface.


Hackett London

Hackett London chose to get their logo punched on the leather USB-flash drive, Leather.They also chose to put the USB-flash drives into soft bags of fabric and the result was excellent.


Kockum Sonics

Kockum Sonics demanded two different USB flash drives for their business. The demanded flash drives were Pen 2, PE501, and Color Twist, T420. Kockum Sonics own logo was printed on all USB flash drives with an excellent result. They further had a program which needed to be pre-loaded. The customer was satisfied which has implied that we have had continuous orders of Pen 2, PE501.


EG Electronics

EG Electronics is a company that provides products and solutions to a wide range of industries. They chose to put their logotype on our bestseller Twist stand, t403 with white print on black background. The logo was printed on all USB flash drives with an excellent result.


SPED master

SPEDmaster chose to print their logotype on the side of a cargo Truck.

Sped master


Elektrodrives.se chose to stamp their logotype on the leather flash drive Perfect Leather.



DiaSystem chose a USB-flash drive in the shape of a key. USB-flash drive: key .



Exagrid chose the flash drive blend for their exhibition.


High Tech AB

High Tech AB was looking for a unique flash drive that marked its spot. Memoria then brought our unique jackknife-model.



Memoria was contacted by Survivors to bring a complete giftbox with the flash drive Pill inside it. The high quality of the box Giftbox is perfect for printing on.