HB Memoria

Memoria was established in 2010 by three committed entrepreneurs, who have the ambition to offer their customers a reliable and skillful partner with a vision for the future.

The company was founded with the idea to actively work on three different key areas; sale of customized USB flash drives, web design and web programming. The two last key areas were during 2012 incorporated and have now created Memoria Web Agency. Memoria is thus composed by Memoria customized USB-flash drives and Memoria Web Agency, both operated by the founders in the same premises. The guarantee for a professional work is that Memoria only has academically educated economists and engineers, with top qualifications in design and programming. We strive to lead Memoria only through profound skills.

Memoria's key area, sale of customized USB flash drives, was initially mainly targeted toward the Swedish market. However, after a short time Memoria experienced a positive market response which encouraged the company to expand to other markets. Today, we proudly offer our products and solutions to the EU countries, Norway, Iceland and the United States. Memoria will continue operating the sale of USB flash drives with the endeavor to reach our goal through customer satisfaction, thus remain a reliable and skillful partner with a vision for the future.

Memoria works since its establishment from Hörby, Sweden. Here we have beside our office also stock and distribution centre.

Org.no: 969747-2992

VAT-no: SE969747299201

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USB flash drives and web development

USB flash drives

Memoria USB flash drive is one of our key areas that offers both the private and public sector customized flash drives as a marketing tool. This choice was made upon our realization that the private and public sector needed more than a flash drive with printing options and low prices. They needed a utility maximization of their investment. Therefore, our idea became a wide product range, combined with all our additive solutions, offered by a USB-flash drive specialist. Through close contacts with our business partners and customers we strive to offer added value. Our business model is based on B2B relations, thereby mainly with professional users. We offer our products and solutions mainly to countries within the European Union, Norway, Iceland and the US.

Memoria Web Agency

Memoria Web Agency takes part in one of Memoria's two key areas. Our vision is to offer contemporary solutions, based on customer needs and the utility our solutions induce. The solutions are well considered and search-optimized websites, unique designs of logotypes and other graphic profiles, thereto also mobile applications for Ihpnes, Ipads and Android-units.

To offer competitive, cost optimal and innovative solutions Memoria Web Agency uses market leading technology. Our developers and designers construct and develop websites, designs and databases through PHP, Javascript, VisualBasic, C++, MySQL etc.